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Uses of JSONWriter in org.json

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 class JSONStringer
          JSONStringer provides a quick and convenient way of producing JSON text.

Methods in org.json that return JSONWriter
private  JSONWriter JSONWriter.append(java.lang.String string)
          Append a value.
 JSONWriter JSONWriter.array()
          Begin appending a new array.
private  JSONWriter JSONWriter.end(char mode, char c)
          End something.
 JSONWriter JSONWriter.endArray()
          End an array.
 JSONWriter JSONWriter.endObject()
          End an object.
 JSONWriter JSONWriter.key(java.lang.String string)
          Append a key.
 JSONWriter JSONWriter.object()
          Begin appending a new object.
 JSONWriter JSONWriter.value(boolean b)
          Append either the value true or the value false.
 JSONWriter JSONWriter.value(double d)
          Append a double value.
 JSONWriter JSONWriter.value(long l)
          Append a long value.
 JSONWriter JSONWriter.value(java.lang.Object object)
          Append an object value.

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