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This Java-based API to the Indexing Initiative Scheduler facility was created to provide users with the ability to programmatically submit jobs to the Scheduler Batch and Interactive facilities instead of using the web-based interface.

Three programs are accessible via the Web API:
MetaMap, the NLM Medical Text Indexer (MTI), and SemRep. The functionality in these programs includes: automatic indexing of MEDLINE citations, concept-based query expansion, analysis of complex Metathesaurus strings, accurate identification of the terminology and relationships in anatomical documents, and the extraction of chemical binding relations from biomedical text.



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Links to Our Sites
MetaMap Public Release
NEW: Distributable version of the actual MetaMap program.
Indexing Initiative (II)
Investigating computer-assisted and fully automatic methodologies for indexing biomedical text. Includes the NLM Medical Text Indexer (MTI).
Semantic Knowledge Representation (SKR)
Develop programs to provide usable semantic representation of biomedical text. Includes the MetaMap and SemRep programs.
MetaMap Transfer (MMTx)
Java-Based distributable version of the MetaMap program.
Word Sense Disambiguation (WSD)
Test collection of manually curated MetaMap ambiguity resolution in support of word sense disambiguation research.
MEDLINE Baseline Repository (MBR)
Static MEDLINE® Baselines for use in research involving biomedical citations. Allows for query searches and test collection creation.
Structured Abstracts (SA)
Information about NLM's research on Structured Abstracts in the MEDLINE® Baselines.
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